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Ibou Tall


Ibou Tall was born in Dakar and is considered among Senegal's leading jazz composers.

Ibou played in numerous street band projects before joining the singer Alioune Mbaye Nder through the record label Africa Fete as a composer and bandleader. From 1995 to 2002, Ibou’s collaboration with Nder led to 10 albums, including many number-one hits on the Senegalese charts.

After touring with Nder in Europe, Africa, USA, and recording with Baba Maal, (the performing singer of the marvel movie score Black Panther) in the album "Buur Laamdo", Ibou created his label Talli. B Productions to start his solo career in 2002.

For the last 20 years, Ibou has worked on numerous international projects as a musical director or session musician, such as “The Melting Pot Jazz Trio”, “Nobody’s Perfect” album from MC Sketchy, the Mankala band, the Matuki band, the “Xamlé” project, “Ibou Tall and Jazzmates”, the “Traitors” thriller series recording score for channel 4, and the “Femme Qui Suis Je sans Mari” documentary by the director Mariama Samba Balde released on TV5 France/Afrique.


In 2020 Ibou joined dBs Music in Bristol to complete a first grade composition degree in Film/Television whilst directing the Jazzmates band, music production and film projects.

Ibou Tall & Jazzmates Performing At

The BMusic In Birmingham 

Ibou Tall &Jazzmates At The Bmusic.

Jazzmates Performing At

The Bristol Jazz Festival 2016

Bristol Jazz Festival

Jazzmates At The Aberjazz Festival in

Fishguard 2019

2019 Aberjazz Festival

Producing At The dBs Studio 3

dBs Studios

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