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After completing a first degree in film composition, Ibou managed to direct and produce two documentaries at the dBs institute in Bristol whilst working on different film projects, such as the short movie "Mancala", which won the best student movie of the year at the Birmingham film and Television Festival 2022, and the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards in 2021 in the under $5000 budget film categories. In addition, Ibou is currently composing documentary scores for the French company "Paroles Tissées" under the innovative direction of the talented Paris-based writer Doctor Mariama Samba Baldé Cissé, who also works with the French television network Tv5 World, Europe, and Africa.

"Mancala" Directed By Abraham Dein                                                     "Around Musicians" Directed By Ibou Tall

"My Best Friend Jerry" Directed By Adekunle Adekiya                         " The Underdog" Directed By Luke Blight

              "Aaja" Directed By Roshan Balu                                           "Finding Inspiration" Directed By Ibou Tall

               "Soundtale" Directed By Ibou Tall

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