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Birmingham B.Music of Ibou Tall and Jazzmates

Ibou Tall & Jazzmates

"Ibou Tall & Jazzmates" is an eclectic jazz quintet created in 2013 to express the "Senjazz" style or "Senegalese Influenced Jazz". Senjazz combines Afro rhythms with jazz harmonies and a translation of Ibou's Senegalese origins through the rhythms and melodies of Senegal. For the last 10 years, Ibou Tall has been gigging in numerous festivals around the UK with his band, which mesmerises audiences with the authentic sound of Afro-Senegalese jazz. 

Birmingham Jazz Festival

The  Jazzmates

The Jazzmates members are some of the finest musicians in Bristol and around the UK. The past members involved musicians such as Matt Hopkins, Dave Johnston, Julien Alenda, Ollie Medlow and Ben Hands. The current members are Paolo Adamo on Drums, Guillaume Ottaviani on Bass, Carlo Fraccalvieri on Sax and Martin Sean McConnell on guitars.

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